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Hot rubber crack sealants are the best materials available today. Its polymeric properties allow for quick curing and great elasticity. Cracks to be sealed should be free of vegetation and dirt using a rotary wire braided wheel and then blown clean. Proper cleaning of the surface will assure good adhesion.


Pavement is a costly investment. Just as you would seal a leak on a roof, you should also seal joints and cracks in pavements. Water infiltration combined with our nasty Midwest freeze-thaw cycles cause pavement deterioration through unsealed cracks in pavement surfaces. Left untreated, cracks tend to multiply, expand and result in expensive repairs and reconstructions.

Your first line of defense when it comes to preserving your pavements is hot rubber crack sealing.

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Why seal cracks?

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Sealants and preparation


The material should be heated to a core temperature of approximately 375 -400 degrees. Application is with either a pour bucket or with an applicator wand. On asphalt surfaces it is recommended  that the sealant is squeegeed into the cracks. Polymeric rubber dries as it cools and will be driveable in 5 -15 minuets.



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